Pembroke’s Great Fire of 1918 – Outdoor Escape Game

Amazingly, nobody lost their life to Pembroke’s Great Fire of 1918, but many lost their livelihood. Two full city blocks were leveled. Several businesses burnt to the ground and 40 families were rendered homeless. Within weeks of the fire, you and your team of investigators have been tasked with leading an inquest to discover the cause, but the sheer enormity of destruction coupled with conflicting eyewitness accounts have led to inconclusive theories. Time is almost up. A reporter has learned of the mass confusion surrounding the inquest and has called you to his office, threatening to print a story that will surely spell an end to your team’s efforts in tomorrow morning’s local paper, The Standard-Observer. You have one hour to find the cause of the fire and get back to the newsroom before it’s too late!






90 min playtime


2 – 8 Players  (4 – 6 is ideal)


  • Feet to the Fire operates rain or shine so please dress for the weather. In situations of extreme weather, please call us to reschedule your reservation.

  • In order to play Feet to the Fire, one member of your team must have a cell phone, which is used to communicate by text message with Chamber of Secrets to receive hints.