Welcome to Chamber of Secrets

Under the premise of a well-defined scenario that takes Will on a life of its own in our expertly designed rooms, you and your friends and/or work colleagues you are locked up with only an escape hour to escape. You must solve a series of puzzles using objects, clues, hints, and strategy to accomplish your mission. Teamwork, creativity, and communication are a must if you are to escape, before it’s too late…

Whether it’s a before social gathering with a group of friends, an it’s outing with some work colleagues, or a team-building exercise that’s been organized by too your employer, you will not regret being locked up late? together in the Chamber of Secrets!

The Meltdown

Pirate's Prisoners

Feet To The Fire

You are locked in

With only 60 minutes on the clock, your group is locked in a mysterious room and needs to find its way out. This can be accomplished by using logic, finding clues and utilizing unique items to help you get through obstacles such as locks and doors, etc. Before you know it, you’ve completely escaped reality for an hour.

Solve Puzzles

To solve the puzzles, a wide range of talents are required. Therefore each group member has to do their part! The challenging puzzles will enhance logic, critical thinking, ability to work under pressure, communication and teamwork. One thing is for sure … you get to know each other well.

Team Building

Looking for a fun and original way to get to know your team better? Chamber Of Secrets can help! By working together well and by using many of the same skills needed in the workplace, you can solve the various puzzles and tasks and get the most out of yourself and your team.

Your company has never had so much fun doing team building!

Ages 12+

The escape room experience is thrilling, and sometimes a bit creepy, but not dangerous in any way. However, our rooms are challenging with the puzzles designed for adult brains or for ages 12 and up. Smaller children can have fun too looking for clues and opening locks, but we recommend that they be accompanied by adults.

Only 20% Succeed

That’s right! Our escape rooms are mentally challenging and rated with a success rate of less than 20%. All of our games have the same approximate level of difficulty and appeal to all types of groups. Do you have what it takes to make it through the puzzles and unlock yourself to freedom?


In order to escape, your group must work as a team. Each player’s strengths are needed to be successful in solving the puzzles. With only 60 minutes to escape, the pressure can be over the top! Escape the room before time runs out! Can you escape?